Magnolia Garden Boutique offers Interior-scape services:

Your office is a representation of you. A lush environment makes a great impression on clients who frequent your office or store. Adding live interior plants to your space raises morale, contributes to long term employee retention, makes everyone more comfortable, more productive and healthier.
Install and maintain or take over maintenance of the existing plants in your office or store.
Maintenance contracts will provide regular watering and plant management. Contracts include replacing specimens in ill health.
Proper staging of plants and arrangements for the right light or a change in the look of your interior space.
Seasonal services will include accessories to for the appropriate season or holiday.

Why Plants?

When plants are present in offices, companies reported a 12% increase in worker productivity. Plants clean the air! Studies have shown that plant filled rooms contain over 50% fewer airborne molds and bacteria, and they can remove the VOC's from an interior setting within 4-5 days.

When plants and planters are creatively displayed in office and retail settings, they communicate value to employees and customers alike.

Why have a plant service?

By outsourcing interior landscaping services, key staff and management are able to focus more completely on tasks specific to company goals. We are professionals, taking care of plants is our business, it shouldn't have to be yours.